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KREATOR Preparing to hit the Studio

Originally Posted by Blabbermouth
KREATOR mainman Mille Petrozza has issued the following update:

"The past few weeks have been very busy for us so there wasn't many updates on our activities. Tuska festival in Finland (where I've seen my all-time faves FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM live for the first time and even talked to Carl Mc Coy) and Rockin' Transilvania are history and it has been amazing. Thank you to Michaela and Olaf for the great organization in Sibiu and all the great people at Tuska. One of Europe's best festivals! Most of all thanks to all the fans that have been there! You have rules Tuska's pit!

"Some news about the [new KREATOR] album: This production will be the first time since 'Pleasure To Kill' that the band records in a live situation! Our producer, Moses Schneider, created the Smokehead the biggest microphone in the world exclusively to capture the band's organic sound for this record!"

KREATOR will enter the Titonus studios in Berlin on July 20 to begin recording the highly anticipated follow-up to its 2005 release "Enemy of God".

Petrozza previously stated: "The pre-production in our rehearsal studios went really smooth. Moses' way of working with bands takes place more on an emotional then on a technical level, which means the album will sound very raw and direct. We're trying to capture KREATOR's live energy and will be using nice vintage analog equipment for the recordings this time. Expect a massacre!"

The album, which will be mixed by Colin Richardson (MACHINE HEAD, SLIPKNOT) in London, will be released in January 2009, followed by an extensive world tour.

KREATOR recently issued the "At The Pulse Of Kapitulation - Live In East Berlin 1990" DVD featuring the previously released "Live in East Berlin" and "Hallucinative Comas", both re-edited and previously only available on VHS video cassette.
What Mille's saying about how they're producing the album sounds damn sweet to me. It looks like they're going to be capturing some classic Kreator sounds, and not the semi-Gothenburg they did on Enemy of God. This could be totally awesome.
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