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Opeth - Watershed

By most standards, its a decent album. By Opeth standards, a grave disappointment.

Consider: there's not a single riff on the album as good as, say, the outro riff of Harlequin Forest from Ghost Reveries. And Harlequin Forest is no better than the 5th best song on Ghost Reveries. And Ghost Reveries is not as good as, say, Deliverance or Blackwater Park... you see where I'm going with this...

It's good, well-made metal. But for Opeth, it's surprisingly conventional on the whole. It has its moments, of course. None of it's bad. And these are first impressions (bought the album today, on my 3rd listen now). So maybe it will grow on me... but it seems to be lacking in spirit. Too safe, and too slow, and too pretty for Opeth.

What ya'll think?
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