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Journey -- Irvine, CA -- July 16th, 2008

i don't have Heart's or Cheap Trick's set but here's journey

Never Walked Away
Only The Young
Guitar Solo from Neal
Stone in Love
Ask the Lonely
After All These Years
Separate Ways
Change for the Better
Who’s Crying Now
Chain Reactions
Jonathan piano solo
Open Arms
Don’t Stop Believing
Wildest Dreams
Harmonica and Guitar Medley
Wheel in the Sky
Be Good to yourself
Anyway you want it


Loving Touching Squeezing

i really didn't like the fact that they ended with faithfully. yes they did find a way to make the song end better, but ending with a ballad is just wrong. Faithfully is my favorite song from them, but still...

over all great performance, hope to see them again at the greek theater in September.
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