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At The Gates -- Chicago, Illinois -- July 15th, 2008

This is my first post on this site but I just had to after this show. At the gates put on the best show I have ever seen.

Toxic Holocaust i have never heard before this but i will be sure to get there album. Very good, energetic performance.

Now i am not a "thrasher" but Municipal Waste was a super fun band to watch. They had some HUGE circle pits.

Darkest hour is a band I regularly enjoy but were kind of boring live.

sorry I cant give setlists for them because I am here to post At the Gates songs.

At the gates played the perfect setlist. This is the first time I have walked out after a show and not wished I had heard another song that they did not play.

They played (not in the correct order, the first 2 are for sure. Help would be appreciated)
Slaughter of the soul
Terminal Spirit Disease
Raped by the light of Christ
The Swarm
Forever Blind
The Burning Darkness
Under a serpent sun
world of lies
the beautiful wound
Unto others
All Life Ends

Encore (this part is in the correct order) just a breathtaking way to close a set

Blinded by fear
Suicide nation
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