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The Wiification Of XBox Live

Personally, I'm one of those gamers who can get home on a Friday and play something until my hands can't grip the controller (after taking advil twelve hours after start time) or my nectar-du-jour (i.e. Monstery Energy) doesn't work anymore. Other games on the PC like civilization, I'll throw in some sleep to get through a massive scale game in 72 hours. My point: I'm don't fuck around with my games. I'm old enough to have started my gaming career on the 2600.

How many of you caught Microsoft's E3 show today? XBox Live is changing. Welcome the Avatar, the Mii that should have been. Maybe.

We picked up a Wii several months ago, and it has got no where the attention of either our PS3 or Xbox mainly because of the lame non-Nintendo titles. Mario games are worth the impulse-buy priced Wii alone. I'm even glad to see how well some of the old Mario games I played back in the early 90's have held up. The Mii's were a fun idea but seem to be pretty much irrelevant in the big Wii scheme of things.

The XBox Avatar seems to be a lot of what I would have wanted in the Mii. However, it doesn't seem quite right to have a segment involving fashion chicks during a company premier's video game announcement. Microsoft charges for gamerpics and themes. You know these tidbits are going to score them a lot of scratch. If I can make an avatar that looks like a corpse-painted black metal dude, I'll be happy. I'm skeptical.

Microsoft clearly fired warning shots over the bow of Nintendo with today's message of attracting the casual gamer. After the first couple of game demo's (Fallout 3 gives me wood... Oblivion with Nukes! RIGHT ON! ), I kept asking myself, "What's in this for me?" I shred on Guitar Hero and Rock Band; neither are party games. Games like Scene It or the Movie thingy? I'd rather play a generic shooter online in the corner of the room with my headphones blasting Pig Destroyer than be social with party games.

With all the emphasis on social crap, achievement whoredom didn't get attention. Does the new update improve my ability to measure up my X-Dick online? That would be the one saving grace of the update to the hardcore set.

Anyway, I'm skeptical of this whole damn thing. I already own one Wii; I don't need another. God damn it, I hope this doesn't suck. What we have right now in Xbox Live is pretty damn good.

One last shot: Microsoft needs to put some folks on stage with some teleprompter skills and CHARISMA. I had hope after the first seconds for the guys from Harmonix and Red Octane. I felt the passion in their voices about their games until they went on script. On DVR, I caught G4's show later in the day. During their Fall Out 3 Demo, you could tell people were getting damn excited in the audience. They may been plants for the show but they were screaming FUCK YEAH! at the exact moments I was at home. That's the kind of excitement Microsoft should put on stage.
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