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Yeah, I was hoping for Fred Bear too. Also a bit disappointed he only played two songs off the new album. At least he played Love Grenade, which is easily his best riff. Motor City Madhouse was on the setlist, but wasn't played.

The choicest quotes from The Nuge last night:

"Thanks for invading Normandy, we appreciate your help on that one!"


"I understand London has a knife problem? Well isn't that a shame? You know why you've got a knife problem don't you? Because you took everyones' guns away! If you all had guns you could shoot the motherfucker with the knife! You dumb motherfuckers."

"In Detroit we don't have a knife problem. Motherfuckers with knives have a Ted problem. BANG! Oh, better call 911. 9, BANG!, 1, BANG!, 1, BANG! You might want to bring a dustpan and broom, there's a pile of shit on the floor"

"That motherfucker ain't knifing anyone ever again! That would be a deterrent."


"You remember I brought up that Normandy shit? That's when you'll had a scrotum. You remember the scrotum? Hanging there between Churchills legs. We brought some spare scrotums from Detroit, we'll loan them to you."


"The first time I came here, I was a little black kid, about yay high. Don't laugh at my black ass!"


"You remember I mentioned my past. When I wrote this lick I was about yay high by that point, it was right after I invented afro-sheen."


"We could play all night for you. Because it's not like you've got a curfew, is it? Might be a guy with a knife outside!"

19/12 Geoff Tate
21/1 The Pretty Reckless
22/1 Black Sabbath
29/1 Black Sabbath

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