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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
Apparently its a big deal to their fans because they change the masks every album.
I believe that they had orange jumpsuits while promoting the first album and black ones on the second. Lets hope for periwinkle blue this time around guys!

I agree that they are a step above Korn, but they're still a whole floor above ICP. I suggest we redirect all of the Slipknot hate on this forum to ICP, since they are in the same boat, except the music is alot worse, and the fans are even more retarted. And that's saying something.
It's easy to say in front of your nice DELL. Do time you see a person with a slipknot shirt...go insulate him. Don't do it to some punk kid who won't do shit. Do it to someone bigger than you. Don't pick the weak little slipknot fan.
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