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Originally Posted by Div View Post
a message to dragonforce: when some highschool band geeks can make your music sound 10x better than you can, its safe to say that your band sucks.
oops, forgot to post link to what i was talking about

Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72 View Post
No one expects this band to be interesting, but am I the only one that thinks they haven't been even remotely tolerable since Sonic Firestorm?

Edit: My opinion of the new song, during and after listening to it:

fadetoblack72: jesus christ
fadetoblack72: how many different songs is this one song
fadetoblack72: i think this band makes songs out of choruses and guitar solos from different songs and pastes them together until its like 7 minutes long
no, i agree with you, when i first heard them i thought they were cool, but their recent music has just been garbage.
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