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The Latest In SLIPKNOT...

Usually, I post Slipknot news because most of you fucking hate them.

With Ozzfes^H^H^H^H^H^H Rockstar Energy whatever concert coming up and a new album dropping later in the summer, it's time for a summary new update.

1. Their new masks are supposed to unveiled tomorrow. AOL's per Blabbermouth.

2. Something is hitting iTunes tomorrow. Not sure if it is the title track All Hope Is Gone or another called Psychosocial. One of the songs is already on myspace.

3. The new album drops in the last week of August.

Personally, Slipknot fascinates me a bit. I like their creativity. I like watching their stage show. I dig seeing anyone make noise by hitting a keg with a baseball bat. Their music is ok, although it is nowhere near my favorite thing in the world.
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