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Dethklok -- Philadelphia, PA -- June 27th, 2008

Missed Soilent Green due to tailgating, so I can't comment on them.

Arrived in the middle of Chimaira's set. I wasn't really into them, but they played well. From what I've heard (which isn't much), I thought they sounded better live than on their albums. According to their website the setlist was:

Pure Hatred
The Flame
Nothing Remains
No Reason To Live
The Dehumanizing Process
Power Trip

And finally, Dethklok! Their setlist was:

Briefcase Full Of Guts
Birthday Dethday
Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
Go Forth And Die
Go Into The Water

Rather than attempt to describe the show, I'll link you over to the review of the LA show since that guy already wrote a good description.

I will say though that this was one of the tamer audiences I've seen at a metal concert, especially a death metal concert. I guess it's not all that surprising since Dethklok isn't your typical metal band. Also, when I say "tame" I don't mean that the crowd wasn't into the band, because they were. People were yelling, headbanging, and pumping their fists as per usual. But there was not much pushing/shoving outside of the moshpit. During Dethklok's set my friends and I got all the way up to the barricade with almost no effort.

Also, there were a lot of younger kids at the show, and a lot of girls too. Very promising for metal.
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