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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
the only thing I can think of (i'm probably wrong, but) is that they did a headlining tour back in Feb. of 07, and then the next tour they did was opening for Manson, right? (aside from the festivals in Europe, i mean.)

Maybe they're playing so much new shit for Europe because they haven't got to hear it live, yet?

I bet when they come back to the states, they'll give the setlist an overhaul.
Thats the one. I saw it 5 times and they played show no mercy, captor of sin, chemical warfare, necrophiliac, and die by the sword (just one of the shows)

They don't change the setlist too drastically, they usually throw an old song they havent played in awhile, but the rest kind of just rotates...silent scream, the antichrist, hell awaits, ghosts of war, blood red etc

I want to see Evil Has No Boundaries, Kill Again, or Skeletons of Society someday.

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