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The Black Dahlia Murder -- Philadelphia PA -- June 25th, 2008

let me start off by saying vader and the faceless were both really fuckin good, and cryptopsy and aborted were ok, and kataklysm was awesome.

the only thing i remember for kataklysm is that they ended with in shadows and dust and they played let them burn, like angels weeping the dark and some awesome song about hating emos. they probably played like 10 songs total.

the black dahlia murder came on, and were really energetic as usual, they probably played for a good hour. their setlist went:

1. elder misanthropy
2. i worship only what you bleed
3. a vulgur picture
4. what a horrible night to have a curse
5. statutory ape
6. everything went black
7. flies
8. closed casket requiem
9. the blackest incarnation
10. funeral thirst
11. darkness spawned
12. nocturnal
13. climactic degradation
14. miasma
15. deathmask divine
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