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The Incredible Hulk

Saw this today, and goddamn, it was amazing! Incase you haven't heard, Marvel now has their own movie studios and they're (re)making all the superhero movies how they should be done.

The movie had the typical Stan Lee cameo and other lore mixed in with it to make it feel authentic (the captain america super soldier project). The story itself was pretty intense too. The movie starts off after Bruce Banner has been turned into the hulk and he is living off the books somewhere in Brazil. Eventually the government finds him and he gets chased the hell out of there. There's also this other guy who's a soldier and wants to take down the hulk by any means possible, including turning himself into a hulk aswell.

*possible spoiler if you havent seen iron man*
The movie also, like Iron Man, sets up the stage for the Ultimate Avengers movie. Just like at the end of Iron Man when Nick Fury (Samuel L jackson) approaches Tony Stark about the offer to join SHIELD. Except in this movie Tony Stark walks into a bar and approaches the army general about the offer to have the hulk join SHIELD. I think this was really a good move, having the different characters going into each others movies to help keep it all tied together, and the way they had the hulk join after iron man even keeps the original story in cronological order.
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