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Avantasia -- Moscow, Russia -- June 10th, 2008

From Blabbermouth:

01. Twisted Mind
02. The Scarecrow (with Jörn)
03. Another Angel Down (with Jörn)
04. Prelude
05. Reach Out for the Light (with André)
06. The Story Ain't Over
07. Shelter From the Rain (with André)
08. Lost in Space
09. I Don't Believe in Your Love
10. Avantasia
11. Serpents in Paradise (with Jörn)
12. Promised Land (with Jörn)
13. The Toy Master
14. Farewell (with Amanda)
15. Sign of the Cross (All) / Seven Angels (All)

Personally I think it's a little weak being that 9 songs are new but whatever, it's not coming to North America anyway. Plus, I think they should DEFINETLY include "The Tower".
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