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Exclamation Riki-Oh

So we all know old kung-fu movies are popular for two things, impossible feats of physical strength and cheesy voice overs. This movie is perhaps the best one that I've yet to see. Riki-Oh is a live action movie based on a japanese manga, and if that's not enough to give you the general idea of what this is like then see below.

The story follows a guy named Ricky (or "Riki") who gets sent to jail for killing a crime boss who sorta killed his girlfriend. While in jail he gets confronted by "tough guys" who decide to pick fights with him, and works his way up to taking on the legendary four cell block kung fu masters, and eventually the final boss of the prison compound, the warden. Apparently he has some sort of super chi power or something that allows him to power up and punch through anything as if it were paper and regenerate his wounds.

There's plenty of blood and body parts flying around with reckless abandon, and the overall cheesiness of the dialouge makes the whole thing completely hilarious. So try to rent a copy and watch it with some friends, or you can view it on youtube if you're the solitary type:
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