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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Yeah, well, they turn every song into a twenty minute wankfest, so really it isn't. That's probably a two hour plus set.
They can do that because they have something called talent, and the ability to create original interesting music, unlike 90% of what you seem to listen to.

Anyway as was already said, of that setlist not much was changed from the original. Surrounded was extended, but there is no wanking, all planned changes to the songs done throughout the tour, and it is being called Surrounded '07. Jordan has a new toy out on tour that is being used to modify the intro of Trial of Tears a bit and that is really all the off-album stuff that set looks to have had.

Portnoy said pre-tour that DT's set would be 1.5 hours, so anyone getting more than what was gotten here is lucky, this was to be expected.
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