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During this show, Mike Åkerfeldt of Opeth promised to get back at Dream Theater from the antics mentioned in the Opeth June 1st post.

Unfortunately it was somewhat ineventful. Åkerfeldt throw a bunch of ping pong balls at the band sometime around DT's second, third and fourth songs. A bunch of them bounced off of Portnoy's kit, one hit LaBrie in the head. After that, LaBrie returned fire and made a comment after a song along the lines of, "Come on? Ping pong balls, like that's gonna hurt us." A few more were thrown but that was it.

After the show, the members from 3 and Between the Burried and Me came out and took bows with Dream Theater. Opeth never showed.

Backstage I asked Mike Portnoy if he enjoyed the new Opeth song, "Mike Portnoy's a Bitch?" (that can be read about in the Opeth June 1st post also). Mike laughed and said, "It's great that Mike immortalized my name. I'm glad he came on tour with us, we had a lot of fun with them."

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