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I don't have nearly the patience ADD or Pavo possess, so I'ma keep it brief and avoid repetition.

A friend's dad hooked us up with uber-cheap VIP tickets so we had access to a private box and the floor which was amazing. Lauren Harris' band was actually very average, up from the terrible mindset I had of them. But when Maiden came out the place went crazy. Me, metaldrummer888, and another friend quickly moved up in the pit and I got to within 3 people of the rail. A car accident a couple of weeks ago bruised the shit out of my chest and I was okay in the pit for awhile until revelations when somebody hit me just right in the chest and I retreated to our box unable to breathe properly for a few songs. By rime (easily the highlight as ADD mentioned) I was back on the floor chillin by the sound box for a while and by the end of the set I was back in the thick of the pit. Powerslave was the best song of the night after rime, I was totally blown away. While criticism is hard and everything was utterly mind blowing that night, Heaven can Wait and Can I play with Madness should have been switched for stranger in a strange land and infinite dreams. The Clairvoyant was amazing to see and had awesome crowd sing a long, as did Revelations. The stage set was unbelievable, with pyro, fireworks, the futuristic eddie on stilts, the animatronic mummie eddie in the background and the awesome backdrops. Janick was at the guitar acrobatics again, which, fuck you, are amazing. Steve was gunning the crowd as usual and Bruce wouldn't stop running around and changed a few times from his usual frilly pants deal to a trooper uniform, the powerslave mask, and a tattered cap for rime. Dave was probably my favorite of the night, utterly mind blowing. Adrian was awesome as well, but much more reserved.

Oh, and Bruce said they would be back in the bay area in the "colder months" in support of a new album!
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