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Blind Guardian

Night 1 -

The Script for my Requiem
I'm Alive
Bright Eyes
Welcome to Dying
Traveler in Time
Born in a Mourning Hall
Imaginations from the Other Side
The Last Candle
A Past and Future Secret
Lord of the Rings
Banish from Sanctuary
And Then There Was Silence
And The Story Ends
Goodbye My Friend
Lost in the Twilight Hall

Night 2 -

War of Wrath
Into the Storm
The Curse of Feanor
Blood Tears
Mirror Mirror
Face the Truth
Battle of Sudden Flame
Time Stands Still
Dark Elf
The Eldar
Nom the Wise
When Sorrow Sang
Out on the Water
The Steadfast
Dark Passage
Time What is Time
Somewhere Far Beyond
Theatre of Pain
The Quest for Tanelorn
Ashes to Ashes
The Bard's Song - In the Forest
The Bard's Song - The Hobbit
Valhalla - Deliverance - Why've you ever forgotten me (crowd singalong)

Hansi's speech -

Hansi - This is the last song we are ever going to sing. The last song you'll ever hear from the bards.
At this moment, a very horrified Jon Schaffer enters -
Jon - Does that mean... This is your last gig
Hansi - No No. Nothing like that. These fans are taking all my goddamn energy
Jon - Fine, shall I take over the show then?
Hansi - I'm gonna die... (faints onstage)
At this moment, the rest of Iced Earth enter.
Jon - This is the last song tonight!
Marcus Siepen - I'm confused here... Is this Iced Earth or Blind Guardian?
Jon - It was Blind Guardian. Now it's Iced Earth

Suddenly Jon starts playing a load of random notes. Then eventually it becomes the intro to Vengeance is Mine

Matt Barlow - Jon may have said that was the last song tonight but it isn't. It's our turn to play now!

Iced Earth setlist -

Random guitar notes
Vengeance is Mine
Burning Times
Declaration Day
Pure Evil
I Died For You
Angels Holocaust
The Path I Choose
Travel in Stygian

Iced Earth announce to the BG fans that they're playing again tomorrow.

Iced Earth - Second Night

Burnt Offerings
Dante's Inferno
Iced Earth
Mystical End
Desert Rain
The Last Laugh
Last December
Burning Oasis
Creator Failure
Slave to the Dark
A Question of Heaven
Disciples of the Lie
Reaping Stone
My Own Savior
When the Night Falls
Birth of the Wicked
The Coming Curse (interrupted halfway through)

All of BG happen to be in the crowd. During The Coming Curse they all come on stage -

Hansi - You stole my show, Jon
Jon - Does that mean I'm trapped in ice for eternity
Hansi - Go to Mordor for your treachery. That sounds better than this ice you're talking about
Jon - Remember I'm not into that stuff
Hansi - Whatever. Go and do it. You're a disgrace to all my fans.
Jon - ... (walks off)
Hansi - Okay so now I have to do another song. What shall I make this one?
Andre - Wait a sec... We forgot our equipment

BG leave the stage. 30 minutes later or so they come back with their equipment.

Final song - Majesty

That would be seriously epic
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