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Had exactly this setlist in London tonight.

They don't play the whole of Catch The Rainbow, it's just the first verse or so to link Man On The Silver Mountain and Long Live Rock And Roll. Temple of The King, likewise, is only a verse or two.

The guitar solo also includes part of Magica Theme.

Girlschool supporting set:

C'Mon Let's Go
Not For Sale
Hit And Run
Never Say Never
Screaming Blue Murder
Future Flash
I Spy
Race With The Devil
Take It All Away
Demolition Boys

Interesting thing, amongst all the shit old songs, was new song I Spy, from their new album due in August. They said they've got loads of guests on it, one of which is RJD, who sings that song (didn't sing it on the night though - missed opportunity). Easily the best song they've got.

Dio also missed a trick: Doro Pesch was in the crowd, but not invited to sing.

19/12 Geoff Tate
21/1 The Pretty Reckless
22/1 Black Sabbath
29/1 Black Sabbath

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