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Whereas Edguy sometimes plays Avantasia's song during their set, I don't think it will be released one day.. because "Avantasia 1" is an album from Tobias Sammet and not from Edguy themselves... but the 1st "Avantasia" is so powerful that I love it... I nearly consider the 1st "Avantasia" like an Edguy album... so... here is the setlist from "Avantguy" or "Edasia" (loool)... but the line up is the Edguy one (Tobias Sammet, Jens Ludwig, Tobias Exxel, Dirk Sauer, Felix Böhnke):

Prelude/Reach Out For The Light
Serpents In Paradise
We Don't Need A Hero
Tears Of A Mandrake
King Of Fools
Malleus Maleficarum/Breaking Away
Farewell (special guest.. Sharon Den Adel)
Under The Moon
Wings Of A Dream
Headless Game
Down To The Devil
Glory Of Rome
A New Dimension/Vain Glory Opera (I needed to find a track from another album)
In Nomine Patris/Avantasia
Sign Of The Cross
Out Of Control
Inside (Accoustic guitar version)
The Tower

God Bless Rock N Roll... God Bless Heavy Metal... God Bless... Me!! (lol)
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