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Originally Posted by FerociousWillie View Post
It is clear to me that the people bitching about the setlist have not seen the show live.
As soon as you hear the Churchill's Speech,all that setlist shit goes out the window.
Like I said earlier,the show was amazing.
The bar has been set,and set higher than any other.
I've already seen the show, and I admit it was among the best I've ever seen, and the best Maiden show I've seen.
However I feel I have a perfect right to bitch here because the band are touring back through the same area and will be playing the EXACT same set list. Regardless of how amazing it was the first time, I don't want to see a carbon copy again. Will it rule? Yes. But it should be more than it will be. This tour had MUCH more potential than this and the band just cut corners, save for Moonchild.
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