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Progressive Nation 2008 -- Columbus, OH -- May 16th, 2008

Great show overall, and the outdoor portion of the venue (which is where the gig took place) is most likely my new favorite concert venue (seeing Flogging Molly there August 1st, can't wait). Three were awesome as usual and Joey Eppard broke all the fucking strings on his guitar then held it up by them. BTBAM were incredible but got fucked for time. I could have watched them for another hour at least. Opeth were amazing and I'm certainly not complaining when I say this, but Wreath AND Heir Apparent being played kinda made me think they were trying too hard to be "heavy". To Rid the Disease was an awesome surprise, though. Dream Theater were...Dream Theater. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great, whatever. They only played two songs from Images and Words, none from Awake, and none from Scenes from a Memory, so SHITTY setlist choice on their part. The night ended with a trip to the pedestrian side of the fence where the tour buses park to talk to BTBAM and share the fact that I "don't like having a fence between Between the Buried and Me and me." Then Waffle House. Then fall Caesar.



The Word is Born of Flame
The End is Begun
Battle Cry
All That Remains
My Divided Falling
Amaze Disgrace

Between the Buried and Me:

Ants of the Sky
White Walls


Master's Apprentices
The Baying of the Hounds
To Rid the Disease
Heir Apparent
The Drapery Falls

Dream Theater:

Constant Motion
Panic Attack
Blind Faith
Surrounded '07
The Dark Eternal Night
Take the Time

Shmedley Wilcox
1. Trial of Tears
2. Finally Free
3. Learning to Live
4. In the Name of God
5. Octavarium (Razor's Edge)
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