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Lightbulb Notice Any Thing Different? A New Home Page

METALSETLISTS has a new home page! It's going to let us feature set lists and articles you all post. The next time one of you writes a really good album review, don't surprised if we publish it. No more hiding in the forums! Ditto for your Misinformation. Be warned that we may edit your Propaganda slightly if it ain't fit to print and it's a story people should read.

The most useful addition will the METALSETLISTS 100 block of band tags. It represents a cloud of the most popular searches and will be an easy way to track your favorite bands. The bigger the font, the more popular the band.

You may also notice a block for Asshole Opinion on the right side. People won't have to check Asshole Opinion specifically to read your brilliant insight and/or stupid wisecracks. While that part of METALSETLISTS has never received much attention, it may now that it's on the front page. Blog away, Assholes!

If nothing looks different to you today, you're probably linked directly to Remove the index.php for the url, and you see the new home page.

One final note: before any of you starting your bitchin'.... the forums haven't changed with the exception of adding a Forums link on the NavBar.
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