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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Interesting... I think it's way heavier than Forged By Fire, for example. And Allegiance. They were intending it to be their heaviest yet, and I think they achieved that.

For me I don't think Allegiance covered enough ground. Everything on it was very 'Firewind', so the reason I mostly think The Premonition is a little better is because they tried, and pulled off, some new ideas which I felt were missing from Allegiance.
Well I somewhat take back what I said. Allegiance is definitely their least heavy album now that I think about it.
To me Allegiance was the perfection of the formula they had been trying for up until that time. All 3 prior albums have their moments but none of them really satisfied me as a whole, whereas I can honestly say I really love every track on Allegiance and never tire of any of them.
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