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Tegan and Sara -- Cincinnati, OH -- May 9th, 2008

Great show. An Horse were great (bought the EP), Tegan was hilarious, Sara was charming, and I've never seen so much crowd participation at a show. Also, if the Christian Right wanted to commit a genocide of Ohioan lesbians, they could have taken out 75% of them last night at Bogart's. Great fucking setlist too:

Dark Come Soon
The Con
Burn Your Life Down
Walking With a Ghost
Like O, Like H
Take Me Anywhere
Speak Slow
I Bet It Stung
Are You Ten Years Ago
So Jealous
Call It Off
Not Tonight
All You Got
Where Does the Good Go?
Relief Next To Me
I Know I Know I Know
Hop a Plane
Back in Your Head
Fix You Up
Living Room

Good cap on a fucking great day.
Mortals are mortar and life is the fuse.
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