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Demons & Wizards:

Rites of Passage (recorded intro)
Heaven Denies
Crimson King
Terror Train
Blood on My Hands
Poor Man's Crusade
Beyond These Waves
Fiddler on the Green
Seize the Day
Down Where I Am
Wicked Witch
Into the Storm (Blind Guardian)
Valhalla (Blind Guardian)
Dante's Inferno (Iced Earth)
My Last Sunrise / Chant

Vital Remains

Intro I: Where is Your God Now?
Icons of Evil
In Infamy
Intro II: Let the Killing Begin
Savior to None...Failure for All
Forever Underground
Black Magick Curse
War in Paradise
I Am God
Descent into Hell
Devoured Elysium
Ave Azarate! 218

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