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GHOSTHOOKERS Release Debut Album And Show Schedule

Source: Blabbermouth and Ghosthookers On Myspace

A day or so before I bailed on California for my spring jaunt to Florida, Blabbermouth put up a story about some band called Ghosthookers releasing their debut cd. The band also happens to local to San Francisco Area. Lastnight, I was cruising myspace for music and news and for some reason remembered, probably because of their great fucking name!

I picked up their album off itunes and it's a fun ride. How can you not like an album with songs like "Phone From A Whore" and "The Hard Fall Of A High Mother Fucker". Vocals are little punk at times but fans of Motorhead and Zeke will find a lot to like.

Ghosthookers has shows scheduled for Woodland on May 17th, June 14th in Livermore, and July 4th in Point Arena.
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