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Originally Posted by Human_Metal View Post
Dark Saga, Travel in Stygian, The Coming Curse, A Question Of Heaven

And i bet Barlow does an awesome job with both Ten Thousand Strong and Declaration Day.

Though they should really have to do something off Burnt Offerings. Either Burnt Offerings, Diary or Brainwashed. Dante's Inferno would also ofcourse be awesome!
I completely agree. Though I would rather hear Creator Failure than Brainwashed.

Creator Failure is my favourite song on BO. Really underrated, don't understand it at all.

Anyway, sounds like a great night. Surprised not to see Stormrider, Angel's Holocaust and The Hunter but we don't need those songs again. I expect Schaffer picked the songs Owens couldn't do deliberately.


I still hate Jon Schaffer though. He should start realizing how much everyone likes Dante's Inferno at least. Its their best song besides A Question of Heaven! Stop letting your ambition get in the way.

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