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Ahhhhhhhh, thank you thank you thank you for helping me out on this one!!! It is greatly and completely appreciated. I'm just glad I could get it moved to an all ages venue since so many of my kid friends wanted to go. I guess it was just luck that I happened to be an old friend of the guy who booked the entire tour and I also am good friends of the Avalon owners and they trust me with my judgement. LOL

And just so you guys know, from me seeing the Seattle gig last night... YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!! I never had so much fun at a show in my LIFE. Oh, and be prepared to bounce up and down to the music and even... *gasp*... DANCE! EVERYONE was doing that. I am so damned sore and tired right now. hehe

Also, for those who don't know, they also play in Orangevale at the Boardwalk on Greenback Lane tomorrow night (Wednesday the 7th).

DUDE!!! This also happened to be the 666th thread in this section! HAHAHAHA I just noticed that.
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