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Smile Favorite Video Game Music

The first Video Game that I remember having hypnotic music was Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit on the Playstation. This music played in between races as you were llining up the cars and the tracks.... Late at night, after 2am.... you just get into another world with NFS3!

It was the first, and it still is special to me to day, although I haven't actually played NFS:3 in a long while.

The first game that I bought a CD soundtrack to was the original Medal of Honor.

I remember well the full Music Videos that showed with Road Rash on the Sega CD system.

Road Rash soundtrack is listed below:

Soundgarden: Rusty Cage, Superunknown, Kickstand, Outshined
Paw: Pansy, Jessie, The Bridge
Hammerbox: Trip, Simple Passing
Sugar Ray: Mean Machine
Therapy?: Teethgrinder, Auto Surgery
Monster Magnet: Dinosaur Vacume
Swervedriver: Duel, Last Day on Earth, Last Train to Satansville

And, the wonderful world of Ecco The Dolphin, also on the Sega system.
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