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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
I would like to assume it was probably just a temporary change due to something that night, but then again last tour they just randomly dropped out Evolution and never brought it back.
It's also really fucking stupid that Out of the Ashes is ON THE SET LIST but they don't play it.
i do think they took it out. unfortuanetly. and last night imo they had plenty of time to play ashes imo. the show ended at 11 40 and ive seen shows at that venue go to like 12 15 including the Symphony X show in 2007 when they played the Odyssey.

They have not played either song for the last 2 shows now (San Juan, Tempe). I am officially beginning to worry.
yeah i saw the san juan setlist 2 hours before i went to the tempe show and was like ah hell no!!
Children of Bodom - 12/7
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