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Gigantour 2008 -- New York, NY -- April 23rd, 2008

Job For A Cowboy:
Coalescing Prophecy
Entombment Of A Machine
Altered From Catechization
Knee Deep

Children Of Bodom
Six Pounder
Living Dead Beat
In Your Face
Hate Me!
Hellhounds On My Tail
Angels Don't Kill
Silent Night, Bodom Night

In Flames:
Cloud Connected
The Mirror's Truth
Pinball Map
Morphing Into Primal
Take This Life
Behind Space
Come Clarity
The Quiet Place
My Sweet Shadow

Wake Up Dead
Take No Prisoners
Skin O’ My Teeth
Washington Is Next
Kick The Chair
In My Darkest Hour
Hangar 18
Gears Of War
A Tout Le Monde
Tornado Of Souls
Ashes In Your Mouth
Burnt Ice
Symphony Of Destruction
Peace Sells
Holy Wars

Great Show, missed High On Fire though.
9/4 - Cannabis Corpse
9/15 - Anthrax, Motorhead
9/28 - Tears For Fears
10/17 - Overkill
10/18 - Razor

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