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Talking Dream Pantera Setlist

1. Cowboys from Hell
2. New Level
3. Walk
4. 5 Minutes Alone
5. Drag the Waters
6. Cemetary Gates
7. Goddamn Electric
8. Strength Beyong Strength
9. Primal Concrete Sledge
10. Regular People
11. Living Through Me
12. Yesterday Don't Mean Shit
13. War Nerve
14. Fucking Hostile
15. This Love
16. Domination
17. Psycho Holiday
18. Heresy
19. I'll Cast a Shadow
20. Revolution is my Name
21. Mouth for War

This would have been the best Pantera show ever! I would have payed any amount of money to go to this show. R.I.P Dimebag, we miss you!
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