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Radio Show: "When Prog and Power Unite"

Hey, I wanted to kind of do a little self-promotion here. It's long overdue, but I figured it's worth a try.
For about 3 months now I have had an internet radio show with fellow (but not nearly as active) board member "Nick", called "When Prog and Power Unite" (Pun on Dream Theater's debut album title).
We broadcast every Friday night from 6-9 PM eastern standard time on Metal Messiah Radio ( on the "heavy" stream. You can tune in using any conveniant computer media program, and there's a chatroom so you can interact with us and the other listeners.
We play basically what the title implies - Progressive and Power Metal mostly. We often will branch out considerably, but generally that's the format... Power, Progressive, Traditional, Melodic, all those basic forms of metal and as well as straying into the hard rock fields as well. There's something to be found here for just about any fan of things of this variety. The show has 2 special features each week: "The Essential Epic" - one track clocking in at 10 minutes or more, many times much more... and "The Obligatory Ballad" - one track to kind of pay homage to the soft side within our metal hearts.
So, feel free to drop by this and every Friday for the best in Progressive, Power Metal, and so much more.

Oh, and I'd like to note that this Friday Charlie Dominici (Dominici, ex-Dream Theater) will be stopping by to chat about his brand new album "03: A Trilogy Part 3"
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