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I think Jon's mentality is on base, but kind of irrelevant in this scenario. The only people that are tired of those Savatage "standards" are people who:
1) Have been seeing JOP on a regular basis
2) Saw Savatage many times

Neither of which I, or any of my friends planning to attend this tour have done. You can say it's our fault for being young or living in the wrong location, but it's just kind of unfair.

There's both good and bad to this news either way.

Believe is about the same quality of song as When the Crowds are Gone, but Believe is a much more important song to most people, myself included, and for those who have never seen it, would much rather see that.
Chance live in it's entirety would be great, but Zak originally sang it, so I don't understand why JOP would be doing it instead of Circle II Circle. I DON'T want to hear Jon sing Zak's songs. No disrespect, but he's no Zak.
That Doctor Butcher song is a great time on CD, but something tells me I'd much rather hear something else in it's place.
The first JOP album is by far the best, the second two don't hold a candle to it, I'd much rather hear songs like "The Dark", "Guardian of Forever", and "Fly Away" than anything the new album has to offer.

You see my point, I just don't think this tour (the US tour with Circle II Circle in the fall) is the time to do this.
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