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JON OLIVA - "I’m Going To Phase Out A Lot Of The SAVATAGE Standards"

Source: Brave Words

In a recent interview with BW&BK, JON OLIVA'S PAIN / SAVATAGE frontman Jon Oliva discussed the planned setlist for the upcoming tour in support of the new JOP album, Global Warning:

“I’m going to phase out a lot of the Savatage standards that people have heard me play for the last 20 years," Oliva reveals. "I’m not going to phase out the amount of Savatage material being played, but I’m going to do more obscure material and the more interesting stuff. We’re going to do ‘Chance’ in its entirety this year, for example, we’re going to do ‘Twisted Little Sister’ which I haven’t done since the early ‘80s. We’re doing ‘When The Crowds Are Gone’ this year instead of ‘Believe’. I think we’re doing six songs off the new album, a couple off the last one (Maniacal Renderings), and the rest of the set is going to be made up of obscure Savatage songs. There are songs I have to play, like ‘Hall Of The Mountain King’, but I’m going to mix it up a bit. We’re even going to do a Doctor Butcher song on stage this year.”

The Doctor Butcher song in question is 'Don't Talk To Me', featured on the band's debut.
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