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Kamelot -- Sofia, Bulgaria -- April, 18th 2008

It was their first time here so it was... epic Full hall, the crowd was on Fire(wind) and it was a great show.

Forever Slave's Setlist was the usual for the tour.

1. Dreams & Dust
2. Kristin A.I.D.S.
3. Say Goodbye
4. Our Story
5. Tristeza
6. Gothix Girls
7. Gasoline

The setlist from Firewind was a nice surprise. These guys are really nice and friendly We had a great time with them inside and outside of the show
(this may not be the exact order, will edit it later)

1. Into The Fire
2. Mercenary Man
3. Circle of Life
4. Insanity
5. Destination Forever
6. Head up High
7. Falling to Pieces
8. Between Heaven and Hell
9. I am the Anger

The people really liked Firewind and the guys gave their best cant wait to see them as a Headliner...

And Kamelot were perfect as usualy, great performance, great sound, although we didnt get much of Khan's speeches =/. The crowd sang along all their songs and the band left very pleased There was a signing session before and after the show but only from Oliver, Casey, Shaun and An Kathrin.
The exact setlist as seen in Milan

Intro: Solitaire
01. Rule The World
02. When The Lights Are Down
03. Descent Of The Archangel
04. Center Of The Universe
05. Abandoned
06. Nights Of Arabia
07. Instrumental
08. The Human Stain
09. The Haunting ( Somewhere In Time )
10. EdenEcho
11. Keyboard Solo
12. Forever
13. Ghost Opera
14. Love You To Death
15. Karma
16. March Of Mephisto

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