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2008 Recommendations?

Hey folks. I plan on doing a Brady-esque year-end top 100 roundup this year, so I need to hear all the albums I can. Some recommendations would be great. Here's what I have heard/plan on hearing this year (officially announced albums only).

The Mars Volta- The Bedlam in Goliath
Kingdom of Sorrow- Kingdom of Sorrow
Genghis Tron- Board Up the House
Flametal- Master of the Aire
Flogging Molly- Float
Earth- The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
Meshuggah- obZen
In Flames -A Sense of Purpose
The Sword- Gods of the Earth
A Silver Mt. Zion- 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
Romance of Young Tigers- Marie
Whitesnake- Good to Be Bad
Warrel Dane- Praises to the War Machine
Dismember- Dismember
Van Der Graaf Generator- Trisector
This Will Destroy You- This Will Destroy You
Jarboe + Justin K Broadrick- J2
Russian Circles- Station
Birds and Buildings- Bantam to Behemoth
Opeth- Watershed
Mouth of the Architect- Quietly
Gathiens- Nesh
Evergrey- Torn
Aviv Geffen- Life Parade
Men As Trees- Weltschmerz
Torche- Meanderthal

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