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Originally Posted by EchoesOfDecimation View Post
For anyone interested Keep Of Kalessin played Crown Of Kings, Come Damnation and one new one which sounded awesome, they only had like 20-25 minutes but it was thouroughly enjoyable nonetheless, and for people who haven't seen this tour yet, just a heads up; Behemoth only played like 40 minutes, it was good, but very short.
Wow, I'm so glad I'm choosing to save my money and not go to this, now. Behemoth's one of my favorite bands but the setlist is poor, and way too short - Dimmu's setlist is disappointing (Kings of the Carnival Creation? Stormblast? Sorgens Kammer?), and the band I was most excited for, seeing on their first U.S. tour - Keep of Kalessin only plays THREE FUCKING SONGS?!?!

Yeah, screw that.
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