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Agalloch -- Portland, OR -- March 22nd, 2008

I missed Russian Circles and most of Gracyeon, so no idea what their sets were. Red Sparowes I am unfamiliar with for the most part, granted they played an amazing set. I know they played "Alone and Unaware".

Agalloch (might be messing up the order of it a bit) :

Falling Snow
As Embers Dressed The Sky
Dead Winter Days
I Am The Wooden Doors
In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion (the middle section done in a more metalized style, substituting acoustics for their normal instruments, and the vocals were done in the growling style)
Fire Above Ice Below
Not Unlike The Waves
Our Fortress Is Burning (Shortened Part 1, Part 2, and then Part 3 done by messing with their instruments a bit, such as going violin style on a guitar with a piece of animal bone, while the scent of burning wood filled the venue)

Was a great show.
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