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JUDAS PRIEST Singer Says Tour With HEAVEN AND HELL And MOTÖRHEAD Is 'Looking Very Rea

Source: Blabbermouth

The Classic Metal Show: Is there anything you can tell us about this JUDAS PRIEST, HEAVEN AND HELL and MOTÖRHEAD tour? (As previously reported by BLABBERMOUTH.NET on January 17, March 22 and March 27.)

Rob: I can only tell you that suddenly I got a flood of e-mails, "Have you checked Blabbermouth?" I'm like, "No." "Go into Blabbermouth right now." And I did. Blabbermouth is the TMZ of [heavy metal]. And I saw it. Live Nation are promoting the tour, and I guess the professional way of dealing with this is to say that Live Nation will be making an official announcement probably a few days from now. But it's difficult to keep that kind of thing quiet 'cause… If it does happen, and it's looking very real, it's gonna be one of the biggest metal shows in the States this year.

The Classic Metal Show: This year? How about ever, Rob? Jeez… You guys and BLACK SABBATH? Wow!

Rob: Well, I see what you're saying. It's HEAVEN AND HELL, but I know what you're saying. Yeah, it is reminiscent of that Ozzfest when you had PRIEST and SABBATH and SLAYER all on the same bill. Yeah, if it happens, it's gonna be great — MOTÖRHEAD, PRIEST, HEAVEN AND HELL… That's a killer metal show.

The Classic Metal Show: I think TESTAMENT are supposed to be on that bill too.

Rob: Yeah, that's what I'm hearing as well. There's tons of e-mails flying back and forth and you just have to… You have to wait for the official announcement because it has to be sanctioned by management and the lawyers in the suits and that other rubbish. But if we get what we are hoping to get, I think it's gonna be an absolutely sensational, killer American tour — 'cause it won't happen anywhere else in the world, this lineup. It'll just be for the States.

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