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What's the matter, those greedy fucks wont be able to afford to trade in their private jets for the 09 models now? Are we supposed to feel sympathy for them or something because selling overpriced albums isnt working anymore. Atleast walmart is paying attention to what people are saying about CDs, places like FYE on the other hand will allow the record companies to drive them out of business. Here's how I see this anyway,

$0.17 Musicians' unions
$0.80 Packaging/manufacturing - most albums are a little lax in this area, lets see something else besides just a lame insert book
$0.82 Publishing royalties - this can be cut
$0.80 Retail profit
$0.90 Distribution
$1.60 Artists' royalties - they deserve more imo
$1.70 Label profit - label makes more than the artists who actually write the music? bullshit
$2.40 Marketing/promotion - useless, as ive never seen a metal album advertised anywhere
$2.91 Label overhead - even more money for them?
$3.89 Retail overhead - seems a bit high
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