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Nightmare Metal Fest -- New Port Richey, FL -- March 21st-22nd, 2008

Alright, my ears are still ringing and my I'm still dead tired but I'll try to write a good review of this weekend.

Me and the rest of the band got to Bourbon Street at around 5:00, and started loading all of our gear up onstage. During and after, we started introducing ourselves to the other bands that were there, Sacred Dawn, and Order Of Nine. REALLY great guys, it was awesome hanging out with them all weekend. After a while of everyone arriving and so on, at around 7:30 it was our time to hit the stage. We played really well, and everyone was really impressed with us, being a local band and all. I was really happy with how it went. Here's our setlist for anyone who's interested...


Intro: Davy Jones by Hans Zimmer
01. Zero Hour
02. Godhead
03. Let Osiris Be The Judge
04. Burn The Marionette
05. Rebel Yell ( Billy Idol cover )
06. Final Stand
07. Shades Of Twilight

After our set, we started unloading our guitars and everything and mingling with the other bands and fans. We actaully were asked to sign some stuff, and take some pictures with people, it was pretty awesome. SACRED DAWN took the stage during that time, and I was pretty busy unloading and talking to people but I still caught quite a bit of their set. They sounded great, and I wish I would've gotten to pay more attention. Unfortuneatly, I'm not familiar enough with their stuff to give you a setlist, but if you are into prog/power and these guys are ever in your area, go see them! You won't be dissapointed. ( )

After a short break of SACRED DAWN unloading their gear, ORDER OF NINE hit the stage. I had been looking forward to these guys since I heard their songs on myspace a few weeks ago. They also sounded really great, and I was really impressed by their performance. They're pretty heavy for power metal, but still maintain the melody that makes the genre. They actually want us to come to Pennsylvania to play 2-3 shows with them up there, so we're looking into doing that. I actually got the setlist off the stage for ORDER OF NINE, but I don't have it on me. Once I get it, I'll updated this with their setlist. ( )

While DISASTERPEACE were setting up, our bass player introduced me to Sean from Cage, and I hung out over by the merch with him and Michael. I asked them about playing "Eyes Of The Obsidian" but they said they wouldn't be doing it tonight because it's the only song in that tuning and it requires bringing an extra guitar. Incredibly nice guys, and were really cool to hang out with. But as the time drew nearer for DISASTERPEACE to come on, I went up to the floor. DISASTERPEACE were awesome. My only complaint is that almost the entire set was covers, but Wade NAILED the King Diamond songs, and Pete's guitar playing was excellent, so overall it was still very enjoyable. The originals they did sounded very promising as well, I'm really looking forward to their debut, due late '08 - early '09. Here's the DISASTERPEACE setlist. In parenthesis are the respective bands the songs were orignally done by. ( )


01. Judas Witch ( Original )
02. War Of The Worlds ( Crimson Glory )
03. Astronomica ( Crimson Glory )
04. Welcome Home ( King Diamond )
05. The Invisible Guests ( King Diamond )
06. Tea ( King Diamond )
07. Twilight Symphony ( King Diamond )
08. Crow ( Original )
09. At The Graves ( King Diamond )

And finally, it was time for CAGE to play. I had been waiting for this since the day I saw them announced for the festival, and I grabbed a spot right up against the stage. They were absolutely incredible. I was banging my head the entire set, and singing along at the top of my lungs. Anyone who has ever seen CAGE live I think can vouch for me that they are just fucking awesome live. Sean didn't tone down his vocals a bit, nailing all those wailing falsetto screams and the band was extremely tight as well, except Dave was having some guitar problems. He broke a string, but it got taken care of, and was really hardly noticable. I'm really happy they finally made it over to the East coast, and we got to share the stage with them. Best band of the weekend for me by far. Here's the CAGE setlist. ( )


01. Fire And Metal
02. Rise Of The Beast
03. I Am The King
04. Shoot To Kill
05. Kill The Devil
06. Hell Destroyer
07. Metal Devil
08. Chupacabra
09. Final Solution
10. King Diamond
11. Wings Of Destruction

An so that concluded the first day of the festival. Got home around 3:30 and got up the next day for the Eat & Greet at 10:00. Day 2 review coming soon...
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