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Originally Posted by es156 View Post
Ha ha! I never said I was a total fanboy. Even long-time fans were irritated with all of the ranting that Bruce did on OzzFest. However, as Ed can attest, he did not rant at all in Denver on the off-date.

(BTW, I don't remember calling Bruce an angry old man? Maybe Bouville did a little creative editing? )

So, how long did it take to find that one post?
I wish I could've gone to the Denver off-date. If I could've afforded the travel, I would've!

I don't think there was any creative editing

Actually, it didn't take that long. I was just looking for a link to some of the material from the "civil war" and I searched threads I started, as I figured some of it would've been in my Ozzfest '05 write-up, which there was. I had forgotten your post though, and figured you had as well, so it seemed like linking it was the right thing to do
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