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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
Maiden had the Early Days DVD out but maybe it would have been a good idea three years ago. A lot has happened in the music business in that time. I don't think a lot of bands were doing there kinds of things three years ago.

Good point on itunes.... I don't understand the pricing overall.... FotD is priced higher than 7th Son? Powerslave should be more expensive given the emphasis of the tour.. that I can understand.

The metalsetlists maiden civil war ended a long time ago. The band is touring on a strong set list. It's a great year for Maiden fans. It's time for you to quit your bitching and start enjoying Maiden fully again.
Yeah, that's true. I guess I'll buy that.

I don't either. It seems like most of the albums should be $9.99 - they're not new, and they're not exactly super long. I generally don't buy albums on iTunes if they're over $9.99, unless they're long, double disc, etc. It seems like by $13, you might as well go buy the CD.

I know, the set list is very good - that's primarily why I'm buying a ticket. I also decided that I should at least see them headlining/playing their own show.

Also, I did pick up the new Live After Death DVD the other week, so
2/24 - The Foundry
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