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Talking Metal.. Jams With Portnoy, Bello, Blitz.. Covers Motorhead's Overkill

Source: Blabbemouth & Pavo's DVR

The other night I was watching Talking Metal on Fuse... just kind of found it as I searched for alternatives to the Headbanger's Ball, or what's left of it. Anyway, so here's this show called Talking Metal... never really heard of it before... Wayne's World Meets Metal... kind of dorky and a little cheesy... usually the kind of shit that is right up my alley... after a couple of speed runs through a couple of episodes, I kind of dismissed.... However, then the host started covering Motorhead's Overkill with Mike Portnoy, Frank Bello, and Bobby Blitz. Hey Mark and John! Out-fucking-standing! You guys kicked ass! METALSETLISTS salutes you!

From Blabbermouth: The March 14 episode of Fuse TV's "Talking Metal on Fuse" included a "Fuse Jam" featuring Mike Portnoy of DREAM THEATER on drums, Frank Bello of ANTHRAX on bass and Bobby Blitz of OVERKILL on vocals. This one-time lineup (jokingly named "TURTLEHEAD") was joined by hosts Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy on guitar for a version of the MOTÖRHEAD classic "Overkill.

From Youtube:
Jaco died for our sins so that modern bass players could be free to play more and be heard.

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