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Originally Posted by Div View Post
The Lauren Harris setlist was 7 songs? I must've blacked out cause I only remember about 4. But they were so awful I wish I brought some earplugs for that. The second I saw a guitarist come out in a cowboy hat I knew it was gonna suck.

Atleast you guys got some good spots, but I guess the drawback of floor tickets is having to wait in line for 8 hours. We just stood around in the parking lot until the gates opened.
Seriously, Lauren Harris was a lot better than the majority of openers Maiden have had over the last several years. I don't care if it's bad pop/rock music, it's still better than Bullet For My Valentine or what have you... and it's definately easier to ignore if you don't like it.

Yeah, the 8 hour wait was rediculous, but as my friend TheClansman1114 mentioned, it really wasn't bad... between bringing mp3 player + speakers, a deck of cards, snacks, and having other cool people to talk to, it went by relatively fast.
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