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Iron Maiden - East Rutherford, NJ - March 14th, 2008 (Maiden33)

Hey, I wanted to post my own review of this. Sorry for the double topics, but it's pretty much factual that no one ever cares about stuff once you're posting on like the 2nd or 3rd page of a topic... so here it is.

Ah, Iron Maiden. My favorite band since I was 12 years old. The band that defined and still defines what music is and means to me. Naturally any time I see Maiden it's a big deal, but this most recent time seemed to be a bigger deal than usual. It could've been the tour theme, it could've been the fact that we finally got front GA tickets, it could've been a number of things, but either way, the anticipation for this show was immense. The events began the night before the show, as my friend and I (TheClansman1114) went to NJ to stay over at a friend's house, so the excitement level was more sustained. We arrived at the venue around quarter of 11am. Yes, that's about 8 hours before doors, but you gotta go all out for Maiden, so we didn't even think twice. There were about 9 people in front of us in our line, many of which came from all over the country, and some of them actually out of the country. We had brought an mp3 player with speakers, a deck of cards, and substantial amount of snacks and drinks. The weather was damn near perfect most of the day, and due to the construction, there was a ton of portable toilets outside. All of this stuff made the wait generally quite enjoyable and for the majority of the day, go by fairly fast. The anticipation was building, listening to the fair share of Maiden and whatnot, sharing stories of Maiden experiences... it was just adding to the already immense excitement,
The one thing I could've done without is the fanclub "First to the Barrier" stuff. I think it's really really lame that we can wait 8 hours in the real line, and people can wait 2 hours in a "special" line and get in earlier, when all they did was have their fanclub membership come up lucky in a random drawing. I'm not saying we deserved it instead, I'm saying no one deserves it more, and it just shouldn't happen. I don't understand what's so difficult about "first come, first serve", period.
So anyway, after all is said and done, doors opened fairly promptly around 7pm. We filed in, and my friend and I wound up about 3 rows back, right between Adrian and Dave... in other words, right where we wanted to be basically. Things moved fairly timely, and Lauren Harris came on around 8pm. Honestly, this was much better than just about any opener Maiden could seem to bring otherwise. Lauren can't sing, but at least the music actually was pretty tolerable. Well, and she's fucking HOT. Anyway, her set was just about 30 minutes long, 7 songs I think. The next 20-odd minutes was soundcheck and whatnot, Eddie Trunk came out to get the crowd going, and around 9 sharp "Doctor Doctor" came on the PA. Afterwards, the lights went out and a video montage of the band on tour with the music of Transylvania played on the screens on the sides of the stage.
Then it happened. Churchill's Speech. The crowd was already going pretty damn crazy, but when the intro ended and the band flew out on stage greeted by a nice explosion, all hell broke loose. You know you're fucking close when you can smell the sulfur from the explosions and feel the heat of the pyro flames on your face. It was just surreal, being so close that Steve's actually making eye contact with you as he's shooting you with his bass. All in all, just a one of a kind experience to finally see my favorite band that close. The crowd was rough, but honestly not as bad as I was expecting... just a lot of your standard side-to-side, front-to-back crowd surges. Every now and then things would kind of break loose and people would try to move up and whatnot. We had like an 8 year old kid right by us that we we're scared was gonna get trampled to death. I started to loose my voice pretty damn early, probably as early as Revelations... but that's to be expected as I was kind of seeing my favorite band and all. Not surprisingly, Rime of the Ancient Mariner was definitely the highlight of the gig, but not just because it's simply the song that it is. The production as a whole on this performance was over the top, but this song was the real killer. During the buildup and through the solo section, the band basically treated us to a fireworks extravaganza, complete with a simulated thunderstorm! Just amazing to see.
Aside from the elbows in my ribs and the people pulling my hair, I had a very enjoyable experience. I had a first-time event as well, having a very attractive girl actually ask me to put her on my shoulders. I gladly obliged. My friend was actually lucky enough to catch one of Dave's wristbands at the end of the gig. I didn't even realize it until we met back up outside, when he stood there shaking with excitement. I couldn't have been happier with the general outcome of this show, and would go for this again in a heartbeat.

Iron Maiden set list:
Churchill's Speech
1.Aces High
2.2 Minutes to Midnight
4.The Trooper
5.Wasted Years
6.Number of the Beast
7.Can I Play With Madness
8.Rime of the Ancient Mariner
10.Heaven Can Wait
11.Run to the Hills
12.Fear of the Dark
13.Iron Maiden
15.The Clairvoyant
16.Hallowed Be Thy Name
total time was just about 2 hours.

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