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Originally Posted by es156 View Post
None of the normal rules apply when Maiden is concerned! Is this going to be your first time seeing them?

By the way, how far are you from Cincinnati? (I can't remember if I asked you that before.)
Yep, first time

I'm an hour and a half from Cincy, same distance from Columbus. So those are my two gimme cities with concerts. Dayton sometimes gets lucky and I'll go there.

Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Brad, it would seem to me you would likely be a much bigger Kamelot fan than Edguy if you gave them a chance, being that Edguy are much more of a "cliche power metal band".

Either way, I'm obviously quite happy as I love both bands.
I've listened to Kamelot before and even though they're pretty cool, they lack what makes me really love Edguy: Edguy are fucking fun.
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